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Student Accident Insurance

The Beaufort County School District purchases a Sports Policy that provides coverage on an excess basis for those students on middle and high school sports teams.  This includes band, cheerleading and ROTC.  There is also coverage under this policy for injuries incurred on field trips.  Claims forms can be obtained from the Athletic Trainer/Director at the school.

The Beaufort County School District insurance does not cover student injuries due to accidents in the regular school program. At the beginning of each school year, the District provides parents with information on a voluntary accident insurance program. For students who are not covered by a family health or accident insurance plan, parents should consider the student accident insurance available through the District.  Student Accident Insurance:

  • Provides low-cost accident insurance for students.
  • Is available on a full year 24-hour basis and for school time only,
  • Applications for Student Accident Insurance are available on-line at K&K Insurance.