Class Registration

2019-2020 Class Registration  

To register for courses for the 2019-2020 school year, students will log into their Power School accounts here and use the "Class Registration" icon on the left side of the screen to register for courses. Please read the information at the top of that screen You will be unable to select academic courses, but you will see the course for which you have been recommended under each core subject area.  The course selection screens can be seen on the Step-By-Step Registration Directions page on the left side. You will click on the link that says Class Registration.

When entering your elective courses, check the MRHS Course Catalog to be sure you have completed the course pre-requisites and are choosing a course that will satisfy graduation requirements for you if you still need them (fine arts, business, etc.). You can find current South Carolina high school graduation requirements here. 

Students selecting a CATE (Auto, Cyber Security, Engineering, Health Science, Law, Sports Medicine or Welding) 1st level course must submit an application to Student Services by March 15th.  If a student signs up for the course and does not turn in an application, the request will be removed.

***CATE application can be found here***

If you are already in the CATE program you wish to take (i.e. Auto 2) you do not have to complete an application. This is only for those students wanting to start a new CATE program they are not currently enrolled in. 

Alternates are not ranked in preferential order. Ultimately, if you select a course as one of your alternates, there is a chance you can get the course and will be unable to make a change.

If you wish to override a recommendation in an academic level and go up, PARENTS must come pick up the form and sign it in Student Services. Forms will only be given to parents. If you choose to override a recommendation, you must speak with the teacher first, and you will be unable to change the course at any point. Override requests must be submitted to Student Services by March 30th.

If you wish to "level down" and go down in a level from a recommendation the parent needs to email the grade level counselor to acknowledge the change.