Caitlin Szymanski

Hello My Name Is...

Caitlin Szymanski

Caitlin Szymanski, Science Teacher

Hello, my name is Caitlin Szymanski and I teach Earth Science and Biology at MRHS. I am also the Head Girls Lacrosse Coach. I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology from University of California Davis and a Masters in Science Teaching from University of South Carolina. I have experience in both teaching and environmental consulting; working on various projects concerning the remediation of soils and groundwater in the Southeast. I enjoy bringing my field experience to the classroom and tying real world phenomena to the curriculum. Aside from my love of teaching, I enjoy traveling and various outdoor activities.

Semester I
Block 1 Earth Science Honors
Block 2 Planning
Block 3 Earth Science CP
Block 4 Earth Science CP

Semester II
Block 1 Planning
Block 2 Earth Science CP
Block 3 Biology CP
Block 4 Earth Science CP