Step-By-Step Registration Directions

PowerSchool Course Registration Directions

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All students will be registering for next year’s courses online. The Student Registration Portal will be open March 11 - 14, 2019.

 The following will help you navigate the webpage to sign up for your courses. This information can also be found on the homepage of the MRHS website under Academics – Counseling – Course Registration. (

 STEP 1: Login to your Power School account using your username and password. In case you don’t have the website address saved on your computer, it is:  (note: no “www” )

STEP 2: On the left side-bar, locate and click on Class Registration. A set of course selection boxes should appear. [If, for some reason, you don’t see the course selection boxes, click on another option on the side, like Grade History, and then come back to Class Registration.]

class registration

 STEP 3: Using your course selection worksheet as a guide, you will now select the courses that fulfill your schedule requirements for the coming academic year. Here are some things to keep in mind:

• Academic courses have been input based on recommendations and you will not be able to change these.

• When entering your elective selections, check the MRHS Course Catalog, to be sure you have completed the pre-requisites and are choosing a course that will satisfy graduation requirements for you if you still need them.  If you do not have the pre-requisites and sign up for a course the request will be removed and you will be unable to change what is selected for you.

•  If a category says “Required” (e.g. Health/PE, English, etc.), then you must sign up for at least the minimum number of courses in that category.

 • Some courses, such as Yearbook, CATE courses, Teacher Cadet, etc. have application requirements.  If you sign up for the course but do not complete the application the request will be removed.

• You must select enough elective courses to ensure that you are carrying a minimum of 4 credits. 

• You must select 3 alternative elective courses, in case you do not get all of the original electives you chose.

• If you run into problems, report this to your counselor the next day.


 • Click the pencil icon in each Course Group (e.g. electives).

• Select the check box(es) that represents your course(s).

• Click the “Okay” button in the lower right corner when you are done.

• Continue selecting your other courses.

STEP 4: When you are finished selecting your courses from all of the Course Groups, you should see Green Check Marks (instead of RED Exclamation Points) to the right of the pencil icons. This indicates that you have successfully completed each Course Group. To complete your registration, be certain to click the SUBMIT button on the lower right hand corner of the registration screen.