Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have had my IGP, do I still register for classes? Yes, your IGP and registration are two different things. Your IGP is just a plan to make sure you are on track for graduation and doing what is needed to align with post-secondary plans.  This is course registration which is the selection of courses for next school year.
  • Will this be my schedule? No, these are course requests. Schedules will be generated and distributed before the start of the school year. Details to follow.
  • What’s an alternate? Alternate elective courses are your “back-ups”. Careful selection of alternates is very important. The schedule generator does not prioritize based on the student or when the student registered for classes. However, if there is a conflict or a class is canceled, the alternate will be chosen and cannot be changed. Students should select 3 alternate electives.  
  • What if I want to take a higher level class than my teacher recommended? You will need to have a conversation with your teacher about why you were recommended for that class. If there is still disagreement on the recommendation, you will need to have the recommendation override form reviewed and signed by a parent in order to move up a level. Your parent must pick up the from Student Services. The completed form must be submitted by March 30th. 
  • What if I don’t have a recommendation? Ask your current or most recent teacher to provide a recommendation for you.
  • What if I want to take a Dual Credit class? You must select the May River equivalent first. Once you submit the Dual Credit Application, qualifying test scores and the agreement form to your counselor, the class will be changed to your Dual Credit request. The deadline for Dual Credit registration is May 15th. Contact your counselor for more information or visit our Dual Credit information page
  • I can’t submit my registration because it says I haven’t selected enough classes. All students must select eight classes between academics and electives and three alternates, making eleven total selections.  
  • All students must take 8 courses per year based on BCSD policy.