Principal's Message

Parents, Guardians and Students:

We have entered an era none of us predicted a short time ago.  WE must now see obstacles as simple hurdles to clear.  WE must work together to create a culture of safety.  That culture must include emotional, physical, and academic safety as WE honor the right to be healthy.  I can promise you that our eyes are constantly focused and that a lot of work has gone into the BCSD and MRHS plans specific to COVID-19. 
OUR success this year will be dependent on teamwork.  WE cannot wait for the world to create a plan for our community.  To that end, I can say that success will require patience.  Success will require every portion of our school community to have a voice.  Success will require a willingness to compromise as WE work through the details that lead to success.  Our world is divided.  WE must see that division as an opportunity to grow.
You can assist us as we mold this into a complete package for success.  Parents and students, consider being a part of the School Improvement Council.  Through this organization, WE keep a finger on the pulse of the community and effect positive change for our students. 
Our vision has never been more vital.  WE live in a time where we must “Be Responsible.”  WE live in a time where we must “Be Supportive.”  WE live in a time where we must “Be Present” (though Zoom has become our avenue for presence oft-times).  WE've got this!

Todd Bornscheuer, Principal


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