Agata Marzec

Hello My Name Is...

Agata Marzec

Agata Marzec

I am a highly qualified teacher in High School Language Arts.

1st Block – English 2 Honors
2nd Block – Planning
3rd Block – English 2 Honors
4th Block – English 2 Honors

My professional biography:
1) Ph.D. in Linguistics with Honors Recognition and additional coursework in Literary Studies 2017, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.
2) MA (2012), Major: English, Minor: Polish. BA (2010), Major: English, 
Minor: Spanish, The John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin, Poland.

My teaching philosophy:

    Teaching has always been my passion. The most rewarding moments for me, as a teacher, is when the learning process of my students is not only productive but first and foremost, an enjoyable endeavor filled with meaningful experiences.  As a teacher and a scholar, I want to instill in my students the idea that the fundamental goal of the learning process constitutes their evolving into well-rounded human beings and pillars of the thriving and thriving community. 

    Being devoted to my profession, I am a firm believer in my students' capacity for greatness. My teaching philosophy is embodied in inspiring learners to discover their learning potential by instilling in them a sense of wonderment, empowerment as well as boundless enthusiasm towards studying, which in turn facilitates their continual emotional, intellectual, and social maturation. As a teacher, I regard my role as that of a facilitator, who by incorporating a broad spectrum of teaching methods, provides learners with tools and guided inquiry. Consequently, it empowers students to identify potential in their ideas, thus supporting them in becoming self-conscious learners, capable problem-solvers, and critical thinkers.  

Quote for the year:
    As John Wooden once said, “Make each day your masterpiece,” we should all make each day count and give our 100%! Without further ado, let us start writing our day-to-day masterpieces!