Lauren Kucera

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Lauren Kucera
Lauren Kucera

You can call me Ms. K!

I teach Art 1, Art 2, 3D Design, and Art 3/4 Honors.

I earned my Bachelors in Art Education from Berry College in 2001, and my Master of Art Education from University of Georgia in 2009.  During both programs, I studied in Italy for a semester, learning new studio techniques and teaching art to young Italian students.  I was a tutor and mentor to student-athletes at UGA, as well as a volunteer art instructor in two Athens alternative schools.  My graduate research investigated place-based and narrative methodologies within arts education as a means for students to overcome personal adversity and connect with others.

I previously taught at University of Georgia, Lady’s Island Elementary (SC), and Quincy High School (WA), in addition to workshops, camps, and after-school programs.  I worked in Student Affairs at the Art Institute of Atlanta, and was also a decorative painter and photographer.

am primarily a book and paper artist; I make paper, books, collages, paintings and prints.  I am a yogi, traveler, adventurer, and avid reader and researcher.  Each summer I travel to study art techniques and work hard in my home studio.  You can see some of my work and my former students’ work at    

In my art classes, our creative process is as important as the concepts we study and the objects that we make.
  Art is a way to learn about ourselves, each other, and the world in which we live.