Valencia Kinlaw-Scott

Hello My Name Is...

Valencia Kinlaw-Scott


Business Department Chair
DECA Advisor

B.S. Marketing- South Carolina State University
MBA- Webster University
M.Ed- University of Phoenix

Hello Sharks! My name is Valencia Kinlaw-Scott and this is my 15th year teaching Business Education. My ultimate goal as an educator is to be a role model for my students both in and out of the classroom. My hope is that I educate, motivate and inspire each of my students to realize their goals and live up to their full potential. I want to make a difference not only in the lives of my students but I want to make a difference and impact on the educational process. Looking forward to a great school year…..Go Sharks!


Class Schedule


1st Block

2nd Block

3rd Block

4th Block

1st Semester



RTI Lab (Rm. 203)

Entrepreneurship(Rm. 204)

2nd Semester


Entrepreneurship (Rm. 201)

RTI Lab (Rm. 204)